Dear Santa, I can explain….

I don’t celebrate Christmas. Well that’s not really true. You know me I love, love, love Christmas. It just has a very different meaning for me and my family.

Like many families the world over, Christmas is a big deal.

It is the time of year that we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. To have the perfect decorations, tree, meal, party, gifts and to be the perfect hostess for our family and holiday guests.

AND to add more to this pressure, it is also the time of year when we head off on a long holiday, say goodbye to the year, enjoy some down time and celebrate the excitement of the new year.

A LOT of pressure, right?

It was this pressure of cramming everything into one specific day, and then feeling exhausted for the week (at least) afterward, that made our family decide to boycott Christmas.

Let me explain….

We changed the date, not the event.

Christmas became a time to gather together as a family, enjoy each others company, relax, and have a holiday.

Our ultimate goal for ‘Christmas’ was HAPPY – not perfect or stress.

So out came the calendars and we picked the time of year that worked easily for all of us. At first we aimed for Christmas in July, and that was fun to have a cold Christmas celebration. Then the date just became fluid and now it happens in February or May or November or whenever :).

Then when the 25 December rolled around, we were relaxed and happy, going with the flow, enjoying the parties and looking forward to our summer holidays.

My point is I love the spirit of Christmas, and changing the date to suit our family gathering returned the joy to the event. Extreme yes. For everyone, probably no.

I know that my story will resonate with so many others, who find themselves caught up in the stress and overwhelm of Christmas, and wishing for an easier way to celebrate the season.

In sharing my family’s ‘Christmas’ story, I hope you find a starting point to turn your Christmas celebrations into HAPPY too.

I know that you are not going to rush out and boycott Christmas too. It is a special day, for so many reasons. So I also have lots of tricks to share to make your Christmas easy and happy. Pop over to my blog here for your stress-less countdown to Christmas, with my party planning checklist.

I will be using my checklist too, as over the years our little family has expanded. This year Christmas will be returning the the my household. With a two-year-old reining supreme over it.


I have learnt a lot from ‘not celebrating Christmas’ and I know a lot of tricks to keep Christmas in check, as well as my sanity, and now Christmas will return to FUN!

Happy Christmas planning – tis the season to have fun!