Its the festive season. Yay!

Or….. with all there is to do between now and New Year’s, its time to have a meltdown. Yikes! I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine that will save you big time this silly season. The best way to avoid an end of year meltdown is to tackle your Christmas list of to-dos well in advance.

Give yourself a break this year and get a head start to a smooth holiday season. Follow my step by step Christmas Planner and spread the long list of to-dos over six weeks, instead of crushing it all into the last few weeks of December.

I love love love Christmas and can easily get swept up and go overboard in all the fru fru. But there is an easier way that will have you happy, relaxed and still cashed up at the end of it all.

How you say? My Christmas Planner is your survival guide – that’s how! Getting organised is the best way to ensure that you will have more festive cheer and less holiday stress.

The first thing to staying sane this silly season, is to do as Elsa sings – LET IT GO – that is the idea of the perfect party/holiday/Christmas. If you want the perfectly decorated tree, spotless home, three course dinner and gorgeous gifts (well actually you can have this easily just follow my how to wrap like a pro guide), then you will also have the perfect amount of stress to accompany your perfect Christmas. Instead of perfect, aim for happy – guests, family and you!

My Christmas Party Planner is your life saver, for everything you need to survive this silly season in one place.

6 weeks before

  • Plan the day
    Where are you having Christmas. At home, your in-laws, or will you be away. Sit down and figure out where your family will be celebrating.
  • Finalise travel plans
    If you are heading away for Christmas, start planning and finalising your travel details. Buy your plane tickets, service the car for a road trip, book accommodation etc.
  • Plan the festive season
    Get out your calendar and mark out all your events and school activities. Get organised and ready for all the fun. When you’re done, look it over and delete the events you’re not totally committed to.
  • Bake up a storm
    Start baking all the bits and pieces that can be stored or frozen ahead of time. Cookies, cake, sauces, herb butters etc. Ready for the big day and any parties before.
  • Get gift wrapping ready
    Start purchasing all the gift wrapping goodies you need – paper, bags, tags, tape, ribbon and pretties to decorate in your colour scheme. Set up a box or area as a gift wrapping station, and keep on top of that pile of gifts. (visit my how to here)
  • Guest prep
    Now is the time to get the house in shape for you visitors. Who is visiting? Where will they sleep? Do you need new bedding and towels?

5 weeks before

  • Make a master gift list
    Make a start on the list, even if you don’t know what you are getting. Keep it with you, and pick up things as you see them, instead of cramming it in last minute. This will help you to not overbuy or over spend. Now is the time to collect the wish list from you kids too.
  • Set a budget
    Plan a ball park figure for how much you want to spend on gifts, decorations and festive food. This will help keep you on track during any shopping frenzies (you won’t find yourself in, because this year you are organised).
  • Start shopping
    Get you list out and start ticking off the items on it. Take advantage of any pre-Christmas sales and get your big ticket items, like electronics, early.

4 weeks before

  • Do your online shopping
    Don’t get caught out with the crunch of postal service delays during this holiday season, and start your shopping now. Otherwise be prepared to pay for express services to guarantee your items arrive in time.
  • Wrap as you buy
    You already have your gift wrapping items and a dedicated station set-up. So continue your gift organisation and wrap gifts as you purchase them.
  • Stock-check your decorations
    Dig out that box/es of decorations. Check that things are in working order, like lights. If you need batteries, add these to your shopping list. Time to update? Check out my guide to this seasons trending colours, and have fun this festive season.

3 weeks before

  • The Tree
    Now is the time to get your living tree. Or dust out your plastic one. Short on space, pop over to the shop for our beautiful vinyl wall decal Christmas trees!
  • Decorate
    Start preparing the house for the festive season. Decorate with your chosen colour scheme. Prepare the guest bedrooms with festive touches too.
  • Finalise the menu
    If you are having a party or serving the holiday meal. Finalise the menu and what other family members and guests may be bringing. Start a grocery list and order any meat cuts you need.
  • Mail presents
    Again remember that the holiday season is a very busy time for our posties, so get in early and send you gifts now to your loved ones afar.

2 weeks before

  • Shop for non-perishables
    Buy alcohol and pantry staples for your Christmas menu.
  • Clean the house
    Declutter and give it a good scrub up and get the house sparkling. Tidy and clean out the fridge and pantry, ready for all your festive feasting.
  • Don’t forget the batteries
    Make sure you have batteries for all the toys and gifts for Christmas. Add these to the present when you wrap them up.

Week of Christmas

  • Shop for fresh ingredients
    Pick up all the fruit and veggies you need, and the meat cuts you ordered earlier.
  • Get cooking
    Now is the time to prep the main meal. De-frost any frozen meals and decorate the cookies.
  • For all your party planning needs and advice contact me today. I am always happy to help and if you ask me you will get a great discount on all your party needs. Lets chat.
  • All the last minute things
    Recharge the batteries for your phone or camera
    Finish any gift wrapping

The Day!

  • Relax and enjoy, you are organised and ready to party!

Now you are ready to tackle the silly season, as an organised and stress-free sane person. Enjoy your Christmas with my planner and put the fun back into this time of year. You deserve it!