Don’t tell mum…..

That I am throwing Dad a burger and beer party.

Everyone loves a party, and this checklist will make it easy and fun for you to plot out all the details for your Dad’s party.

Dad’s Burger and Beer Party Checklist

1. Choose a venue
Where will you party, at home, or off-site.

Tip: if you choose and outdoor location have a wet weather plan. 

2. Guest list
How big is the shin dig? Decide on the number of guests you want – will it be small just the family, or big extended family and friends.

Tip: Don’t forget to pop a notepad next to the phone to keep a track of your RSVP’s too.

3. The invitation
There are lots of free and easy ways to create an invite for your party, such as my personal favourite Canva, or use social media to spread the word and track your RSVP’s.

4. Plan the menu
Burgers dah! But what type – vegetarian or cheeseburger? Check the pantry for items you already have. Then write out a list of ingredients and go shopping. Purchase the beverages.

5. How to set up a DIY burger bar

Start with the bun.

Choose a burger patty – e.g. beef.

Stock up on the fillings – starting with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and onions.

Complete the buffet with the sauce – every great burger needs its condiments, have a selection on hand, such as the classics ketchup, mustard, aoli.

Arrange your bar in stations.

Have a platter of buns at the start, followed by the patty, layout the different fillings and finish with bowls or squeeze bottles of condiments. Make sure you have plenty of pretty paper napkins on hand too.

The great thing about a burger bar, is its a crowd pleaser, as everyone can build to their taste and enjoyment.

6. Add the beer
Fill up a few tubs with ice and your Dad’s favourite bevvies.

7. Organise your party helpers.
Enlist the kids and have them help set up the party, while dad is out enjoying ‘man’ time.

8. Music
The day before, put together a playlist of dads favourite drinking songs.

9. Get the party essentials sorted
Stock up on paper plates, napkins, party decorations, balloons and other party supplies.

10. Games
Plan out lots of fun things to do with Dad and your guests.

11. The Day After
Send out thank-you’s to your guests. This can be as simple as uploading a bunch of party photos to social media with a note to thank everyone for being a party of Dad’s special day.

Important Party Tips

  • Make sure your photo capturing device is charged and ready
  • Set up garbage stations. Dot around some bins for your guests to dispose of their paper plates.
  • Keep the menu simple, think finger food

Planning the party is half the fun, allowing you to express your creativity and personal style.

Now with this checklist, you are on your way to hosting a memorable celebration AND enjoying it too. Get the party essentials stocked and sorted with the help of our shop. Ask me about how to save more for your next party.