Shhhh…..I have a secret to share with you. A confession of sorts.

I love to be thrifty. I also LOVE a big party, any type of get together really. When I set out to be my own boss I looked to what I love for inspiration.

Then this had me in a pickle. I had to ask myself (and you may be asking this now too) how do my two great loves come together as a business; one that makes others happy (my #1 business goal) and keeps me happy too (my #2 business goal).

EASILY is the answer. 

So here is my confession, I am a thrifty party queen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t skimp on the sparkle and flare. Its simply that I know how to be both. Thrifty with flair!


A bit of creativity, a heap of reusing, recycling and rethinking, plus a sprinkle of sparkle. Who am I kidding – a big splash of sparkle.

(Re)using what I have available. My garden comes in handy every time I need to decorate. I pick posies and greenery to use as decorations on the table, cake, favours…..and so on…..

Recycling the classics. Party decorations are scene creators, add impact and WOW. But don’t look at them as disposable or a one time only thing. Make your party dollar count for many MANY parties by choosing the right kind of decorations and storing them with care to use over and OVER again. My favourites are honeycomb balls, pompoms and string lights.

Rethink and transform the everyday into party gold. Transform that empty jar into a vase, votive, storage for party utensils, table centrepieces, balloon weight, favours….you get my point.

Creativity is key to pulling off all of the above into a spectacular party. In a word – DIY. Do I really need to explain this one 🙂

Plus invest in long term party staples. Have you heard the term ‘cost per use’? How making one big purchase that you use a lot translates into lots of little amounts, which is the cost per use.

In party terms: a cake stand (big purchase) used for every birthday and celebration for a child from 1 to 18 years (or more) equals a small cost per use, equals thrifty party planning! Make sense -YES!

And finally add a big splash of sparkle! This is you, the sparkle is your stamp on your party.

Are you a creative cake baker, great cocktail maker, have an amazing collection of party dresses, or know how to create interesting party games. This is your sparkle, the extra on top of your party that your guests will remember.

Be you when it comes to designing your sparkly (thrifty) party.

Now the secret is out. You too can be a thrifty with flair.

Want more? Stock up on all the party staples to use over and over. And pop on over to my Facebook page where I have created some fun how to’s to keep you partying and loving life with sparkle – AND THRIFTILY!