Not every party will be a success. But there a lots of things you can do to keep calm and party on!

The scene: you are planning your celebration, and think you have it all covered. You have your checklist and every last minute detail has been taken care of.


Have you safe guarded against these 7 party killer fails?

What should you do if you end up facing them?

Go with the flow, relax, and revert to plan B. Its always a good idea to have a back up plan because, yes, things can go wrong.

You want your guests to enjoy themselves, so don’t make a big deal if something does go wrong. Breath, stay calm and party on with my list of party fails and how to avoid them.

#1 Capture the moment
After you have your Pinterest worthy party set-up and looking spiffy, make sure you are also set to capture everything. Charge your phone, clear space for videos, and ask multiple friends and family to help you snap all the fun and party pretties.

#2 Sneaky charges
Keeping your party on a budget will help you to enjoy it more and relax into party mode easier.

When choosing paper invitations, watch out for extra charges on non-standard mail sizes, like the popular square invitations. These look great, just don’t forget they also cost more to post.

#3 Its raining, its pouring
A party in the park, picnic by the lake, beach games are all fun ideas. Avoid this party fail and getting rained out, with a plan B. Make sure your guests also know what your wet weather party plan is. Your house, undercover or postponed.

#4 A tissue, a tissue
Little ones are prone to picking up and sharing all sorts of sniffles. But you are prepared, so no problems. Have a plan B for illness, postpone your event, and sit down to enjoy birthday cake in bed.

#5 Party Crashers
Outdoor parties are a fun and cheap way to host a party of any kind. Just remember that you are in a public place and you may get a few gate crashers, with good intentions.

Laugh it off and offer cake, who knows you may make a new friend too.

#6 Frosting gone bad
Black is in vogue for cake and cupcake decoration. This choice of colour scheme is not the best when it comes to cake or cupcake frosting.

You may be dying mouths, hands, clothes and everything the little ones touch. Keep black for balloons and decorations, and avoid this party fail.

#7 Food allergies
Allergies are often an issue when it comes to party food. So ask parents to let you know if their child has an allergy. Avoid this big party fail, and go one step further, and ask for food substitution suggestions as well.

Make your party memorable for the right reasons. Follow my guide to avoiding these 7 deadly party fails, and always keep your cool.

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