Reuse, recycle, make do and mend. 

You are probably wondering what the heck does this statement have to do with parties, celebrations, events, get-togethers, shindigs……?

EVERYTHING! Especially if you want to party bigger, better and more often. There is a lot in life to celebrate, so what is holding you back? Time? (we’ll talk about this another day) Money? BINGO!

This little ‘m’ word is at the heart of everything we do. The people who said ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ go it wrong – in my opinion. They should have said ‘knowing how to take charge of your money, love your money and spend it wisely, will bring you happiness”.

Now partner up that beautiful ‘m’ word with my earlier statement (reuse, recycle, make do and mend) and you are on your way to celebrating all life’s moments and partying like the Gatsby on a Scrooge budget.

This is my favourite party word. It applies to everything. Pretty much do as it says, and reuse everything you have, to put more pomp into your party.

Where to start with examples (this is literally endless)

Throwing a cocktail party? Aim to pick ingredients that make many different cocktails. Liquor keeps, so wow your guests again with a cocktail at a bbq catch-up, mother’s day brunch, birthday or after work drinkies.

Then reuse the bottles, for party decorations. Fill with string lights and hang in a tree for a rustic chandelier.

Make like a bower bird and collect and keep what you are given. I do this for all my gift wrapping.

Confession time, I rarely buy gift wrapping supplies, because I keep and recycle what is given to me. Keep pretty ribbon and twine, gift bags, tissue paper and favour boxes, and stash for another celebration. Hang on to party decorations too, these make great gift decorating highlights.

Make do
Lets stretch this phrase of learning to live with less, by learning how to get more for less. As a party shop owner I have two valuable tips for partygoers to get their party pretties for less.

#1 Shop sales. Do I have to say more, really? A sale will save you big bucks in the long run. Go in with a friend to take great advantage of bulk sales too!

#2 Just ask. Don’t be shy, ask for a discount, say things like is that your best price. Ask me please. Everything I say about my party pretties, you will see the words, ask me about bulk buy savings. It just never hurts to ask. The best thing they will say is yes.

Look after your party pretties. All sorts of decorations can be stored with love and revamped for another celebration (see my how to store and breath new life into pompom decorations).

So what do you think party people? How many are you going to put into practice today, and get your party jumping for less.

I have so much more to share on this subject. See more with my 7 secrets to party bling on a budget and how to Be Party Ready: 9 easy steps to good times!

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