Hey party people, here’s how you can have your cake and eat it too – ALL THE TIME!

There is almost nothing I love more than throwing a great big, fabulous, sparkly party. The food….. pretty decorations….. and the fun of the actual event is addictive.

I love the thought of gathering together with my friends and family. I can easily get lost in the excitement of it all.

Once upon a time, my lack of party planning and (more to the point) budget sense, left me with a giant hole in my bank account. OUCH!

I didn’t start out to spend too much, but my excitement would grow when I poured over mouth watering recipes; and things spiralled out of control when I started the hunt for decoration inspiration. UH OH!

But I wouldn’t be the queen of party if I hadn’t learned a thing or two about party planning on a tight budget. 

I have discovered the secrets to throwing a fabulous party on a tiny budget, and what is the most surprising of all is:

Not all of them have to do with spending money!  I know, right, that’s mind blowing stuff.

The biggest thing I learnt from my days of party splurging is that setting limits allows for greater party freedom.

When you limit yourself, you let loose your creativity, learn to prioritise and focus your party success on your guests – they are the main event after all.

If you have a party coming up, these seven secrets will make your next gathering the best you have ever thrown (on a budget)!

Take advantage of sales.

Buy in bulk or on sale. Celebrations like birthdays are something you can plan for in advance, and spend time during the year gathering the items you need. Sign up to newsletters to receive notifications about party goodies sales. Make a shopping list for your party food, and keep an eye on supermarket sales to pickup non-perishables.

Budget friendly decor.

Use what you have. Head out into the garden and collect fresh flowers and foliage, and use these to decorate. Free decorations – YES PLEASE!

Timing is everything. 

Keep your party on budget and switch up the time of day. Plan a party between 2pm to 5pm, in between lunch and dinner, and serve nibbles instead of a full meal.

Double up.

Create a party game that doubles up as the party entertainment AND the favours, such as a treasure hunt.

Use simple invitations.

Unless your celebration is formal (weddings or milestone birthdays) skip the price tag of a paper invitation (plus the postage) and use social mead platforms instead, such as a Facebook event or page for your next celebration.

Bake the cake.

If you can manage a simple cake recipe – bake it. You will more then likely have all the ingredients for a chocolate cake in your pantry and it will cost considerably less then store bought.

Embrace free entertainment.

Think of games that don’t cost much. Set up a drawing zone with chalk, play games such as Simon says, musical chairs or duck duck goose, and dig into your stash of books for story time.

So now the secrets are out, and you have the steps to party success. So go on, get your party on, you have no excuses now!

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If you need more help to make your party time easy and stress free. Contact me, follow me on Facebook, read my blog, shop with me and always know that with me you can create a stress free, fun filled party! Celebrate life the easy way with The Wrapping Queen.