Having fun! Actually I started planning and putting the fun back in my life on a daily basis.

Once upon a time I had a dream of being the best in my creative field. I chased this dream. I caught this dream. I lived this dream for two whole years. My career was my life, and I thought that this would bring me happiness.

In the meantime. I lost touch with my friends. I missed my family. I forgot to have fun living and enjoying life.

So as hard as it was to end my dream, I did. I quit my day job, freaked out about what the future now meant, and then found my real passion in life.

Then I got myself together and I stated a new habit – planning fun.

I cleared my schedule for all the things that made me happy, and I said yes. Yes to coffee. Yes to arvo drinks. Yes to bbq’s. Yes to parties. Yes I’ll jump on that plane and have a holiday with you. Yes you can come and visit I can’t wait to spend time with you.

Yes, yes, yes. Get my point. I had started to create a life for what actually mattered.

Then it was time to figure out how to create this lifestyle permanently. This then led me to my new job – helping others to create and have fun on a daily basis. Enter my alter ego The Wrapping Queen. Starting with a family nickname, my new path to happiness had begun.

Enter my brilliant entrepreneur Mum to steer me on my path, support from my husband to keep me on that path, and a little later my beautiful little boy to cement my reason why – and my new job in the business of happiness was here.

Awww, thanks Mumma.

I have always loved planning parties and all the creative things that go along with celebrations. Which is why I started The Wrapping Queen, so that I could help others create their own dream parties.

I love finding fun and stylish party pretties and sharing lots of creative party ideas and inspiration, to make parties easy and stress free. The Wrapping Queen is my business of creating happiness with easy party planning and products.

I love my new job of creating fun! This is the happiness that I chased in my earlier dream.

I will always be grateful to the me who chased that career and believed that would bring happiness and life fulfilment. Because she taught me that some habits are worth taking up to put some more joy in your day.

So now you know who to talk to when you need an injection of happiness. Me! The Wrapping Queen. Think of me as your friendly Party Superhero, here to take the stress out of planning your next celebration, to show you the way to have more fun on a daily basis (yes you really can), and select all the party pretties you need from a true lover of celebrations. Go on, get your happy on and enjoy this life with lots of party fun!

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