Did you know: On average we spend about 57% of our lives at work?!

Ewwwwww. I hope you love what you do!

That only leaves 43% of our lives to sleep, eat, complete life admin tasks (all those endless to do lists) and finally squeeze in a bit of time for relaxation and fun.

I can help you make that sliver of a percent dedicated to fun and happiness even bigger, without you needing to make an effort. How? By sharing my secrets to happiness and fun by always being party ready.

Life is fun and its time to start celebrating it with the help of my easy peasy party guides.

To get you started on your path to fun with friends and family. Follow my Impromptu Entertaining Guide, and always be ready for a party, after work drinks, tapas in the garden, and last minute anything.

Go on get your happy on and enjoy this life with lots of party fun!

9 easy steps to impromptu entertaining (and fun!)

1. Neutral dinnerware 

Crisp white is fresh and flexible. Start with the basics, and keep on hand a set of neutral dinnerware, which you can adapt to any party need by adding colour and pattern with linen or fresh blooms from the garden.

2. Lovely linen.

Forget paper napkins instead invest in a set or two of linen napkins and tablecloths. This will instantly add a touch of luxe to your entertaining. A patterned or textured table runner will add extra interest and provides a basis to build your table setting.

3. Faultless flatware.

Gorgeous cutlery is essential for entertaining. Pick timeless shapes and styles that won’t date and can be easily matched with dinnerware and linen.

4. Candles.

Beautifully scented candles in a variety of shapes and sizes are a must. Keep on hand your favourite scents and stock up on tapers, pillars and poured votives.

5. Serving.

Start gathering together a collection of serving platters and dishes. A variety of pretty and interesting platters will add your personality to your table setting and brighten your neutral dinnerware. Great presentation makes everything look and taste better.

6. Accessorise.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be serious, its meant to be fun! Set up a drawer or box of party accessories to enliven your party. Gather colourful straws, cupcake cases and a variety of sprinkles, confetti, garlands and ribbons.

7. Easy dessert.

Always keep something on hand in your freezer for dessert, like a cheesecake, or if you love to bake make two of your favourite and pop one in the freezer for next time. When your guests arrive, all you need to do is whip it out, add some fresh cream and berries and voila, dessert perfection.

8. Stock the bar.

A well stocked bar is essential for impromptu entertaining. This way you have on hand a variety of everything for guests to make their own cocktail, a selection of beer and wine for any dish, and even something to finish off.

9. Your signature.

Think of something that you are good at making. Keep in mind it needs to be something that works well for a large gathering, that can be put together quickly and easily, and generally appeals to your fussiest friend. Use this as your fallback dish and keep these ingredients on hand. Mine is the burger, its always a crowd pleaser, and if you lay out the fillings on a serving platter, guests can design to their individual tastes.

Love, life and a party. That’s my motto!

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Make more room for these with my easy 9 step guide to happiness and fun! If you need more help to make your party time easy and stress free. Contact me, follow me on Facebook, subscribe to my blog, shop with me and always know that with me you can create a stress free, fun filled party!