Hey Mama you rock! and its time to show you how much.

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and so it is time to say thank you to that special woman who is just generally awesome. One way to do this is to reinvent the classic breakfast in bed, by personalising it and pulling it off without a hitch.

I enjoy making life easy and fun, celebrating everything – big and little – with style and simplicity. So I have prepared this guide to help you host the best breakfast in bed any mother could ask for. I am one, hint hint family 😉

Make sure the special lady in your life has an unforgettable morning, follow these tips to make sure it all goes smoothly.

  1. Find out what she wants. This is mum’s day of sacred days, when she gets to have the last say. Knowing that you may give away the surprise of this gift, take the time to find out what she wants. such as, does she want company in bed with the family or would she prefer time to herself?
  1. Style the tray. A great breakfast in bed starts with a beautiful tray. This is your time to shine and put the wow factor back into a gift you were not able to make 100% a surprise. Take some time to present the breakfast in a way that captures the heart of the experience. Select a large tray and add layers. Start with a pretty white doily, add the plate of food, a cloth napkin and the fine cutlery. Include that handmade cup from last year, and your secret weapon fresh flowers.
  1. Make it personal. Add another layer of you to the tray. Print out or write little messages of love, attach these to skewers with a few little pompom decorations, and pop them in the vase of flowers, for Mum to enjoy.
  1. Get the family involved. Dad this is where you get to shine. Even the youngest of children can spread butter on toast, it does not matter what it looks like, so long as everyone participates.
  1. Keep it simple. Plan the menu based on what she loves to eat. A simple menu of hard boiled eggs and toast, fruit salad and muesli are a great start.  If a last-minute menu is required, a muffin and coffee from the local cafe will be appreciated.

So there you have it. Follow these steps and you are on your way to making Mum’s day.

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